Brand Name
  • Shingai

    Singer… Songwriter… Storyteller.


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About Shingai

Shingai (pronounced shin - guy) means “have courage/persevere” in Shona, one of the native tongues of Zimbabwe. My story and my songs are all about having the courage to face and learn from the very worst and best parts of ourselves. Rooted in my faith, I share from the heart. Being creative makes my life full and if I wasn’t singing, I would want to dance… creativity is fuel to my heart.

  • Discography

    My debut album SAVED was released in 2017 and was a musical glimpse into my story, my faith and my journey. I am currently working on a new EP entitled Love & Pain; this release will be a glimpse into my heart.

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It would be a joy to sing for you, with you or perhaps just hear from you.