Lonely Heart... NEW SINGLE

Loneliness is a social epidemic affecting millions of people every day...we were made for community and we were made for connection... may we never lose sight of that because loneliness hurts.  This song is for the person who may never have experienced loneliness as well for the one who feels it everyday... let's connect

ALIVE from the album SAVED

A song about going through and surviving a divorce... I wrote it as a reminder to myself of what I have come through... hope it can encourage someone else to be strong and keep pushing forward.


I was raised in Harare, Zimbabwe (Africa) and I learned to love music because it always made me feel alive. Between, school, church and my parent’s record collection I learned to enjoy music and the arts. I remember watching the T.V show Fame and falling in love with dance... so much so that I wanted to be a dancer but it was when a teacher heard me sing in music class that my singing journey really began.  While at school (highschool) I joined a performing arts group (CHIPAWO) and signed on to record tv and radio jingles with a local producer... I learned so much with every opportunity I had.

In 1996, I left Zimbabwe for Canada to pursue a college education and got to experience and learn about the Canadian music scene pretty quickly... but I wasn't sure if I could fit in to this new world... In 1997, I participated in and won the Youth Talent Search at the Western Fair in London, Ontario and went on to represent South Western Ontario at the National Youth Talent Search in Toronto.

It's been a long process of finding and owning my voice... and I realize that I don't want to nor should I try to sound like anyone else.  Music helped music helped me in my journey of healing from painful childhood trauma and my life experiences have enabled me to relate to many different people and audiences. I have a story to tell and music is one of the avenues by which I get to share it. “I want my voice and my songs to awaken hearts. I use my voice to tell people that there is hope and life after heartache... and trauma... that there is still beauty in the midst of uncertainty and pain.  I want to be an artist who has the courage to face my  past, forge a new path and boldly share my gifts with the world."


I love writing songs... I love lyrics... I love melody... I love hearing a song in my head and the process of birthing that song... I love music and I am learning as I grow... I am excited to be part of a global community of music lovers and I hope to make a worthwhile contribution... here's to making great music!!!